2022-2024 Board of Directors Election Result

Released on: 29 October 2022

The Election of the Board of Directors for the term of 2022-2024 was completed on 28 October 2022 in the 2022 Annual General Meeting. The result of the Election is as follows.

1. Mr. AU Hok Leung
2. Mr. AU Wing Leung
3. Mr. CHAN Tsz Yeung
4. Mr. CHIU Chi Kam Kenneth
5. Mr. CHONG Ki Ming
6. Mr. FAN Chun Wah Andrew, JP
7. Mr. Dave HO
8. Dr. LAM Ho Yi, JP
9. Mr. LEUNG Ka Ho Sam
10. Mr. LEUNG Tak Kwong
11. Mr. LEUNG Wai Hung
12. Mr. LUI Chun Pong
13. Mr. MAN Chin Wing
14. Mr. NG Kwong Yuen
15. Mr. TO Hin Wing Charles
16. Dr. WAN Man Ho
17. Mr. WONG Ki Jonathan

We would like to express our grateful thanks to all of you for your support and participation in the Election.Taking this opportunity to congratulate all elected members. For enquiry concerning the Election, please email to hkbsa@hkolympic.org.

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