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Club Membership Criteria

Last updated: 7 March 2023


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  • Agree with and share the same vision, mission and objectives of the Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China (BAHKC);
  • Any group/organization registered under the Societies Ordinance or the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong.  HKBA highly recommend a club register as a limited company to limit the liability of all shareholders/director(s).
  • Provide a copy of Consitution or Article of Association (AoA);
  • A list of Office-Bearers or Board of Directors;
  • Appoint a primary contact person to register online;
  • Pay an annual membership fee, currently HK$700 (same fee throughout the effective period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023); a friendly reminder: next year's membership application/renewal will be starting on 15 March 2022.


  • After receiving your club membership application online, our subject officer will examine your submitted documents, you may be required to provide further information;
  • Your application will be assessed in our monthly Executive Committee Meeting or quarterly Board Meeting;
  • Our subject officer will inform you of the application result in writing within 60 working days.
  • No refund will be allowed after confirming your application online.

  • Enjoy the member's rate on BAHKC eShop
  • Apply any available venues online; the allocation will be subject to the booking priority;
  • For the non-profit making organization, they are entitled to apply as a Community Sports Club (CSC) with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and apply for the Community Sports Club Project - Community Sports Club Programme (the CSC Programme) to organize baseball activities to enhance the development of baseball and to raise the standard of the sports at the community level as well as to encourage lifelong participation in sports. The CSC Programme is subvented by the LCSD and monitored by the BAHKC.
  • Any Affiliated Clubs are welcome to co-organize baseball event with the BAHKC to meet our objectives.

Public Liability Insurance

According to the requirements from the LCSD, the Community Sports Clubs (CSC) shall effect and keep in force during the subvention period a public liability policy of insurance exclusively for the Subvention Agreement in the joint names of the HKSAR Government, The Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited (BAHKC) and the CSC for all the activities in the insured sum of not less than HK$6.5 million for the occurrence of any single accident and unlimited amount for the subvention period or in any other insured sum to be directed by the Government with a reputable insurance company authorised under the Insurance Companies Ordinance (Cap. 41). The insurance policy shall cover liability to pay damages and compensation for injury to or death of any person and for loss of or damage to any property where such injury, death, loss or damage is caused by or arises out of any act, omission or negligence of the HKSAR Government, the BAHKC or the CSC or any of their employees or agents.

Any Affiliated Clubs apply for using our allocated venues should insure a Public Liability Insurance that jointly insured by the Affiliated Club and The Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited with an indemnity coverage not less than HK$6.5 million. 

Important Notes
The Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited (BAHKC) always reserves the right to refuse, suspend or revoke membership to any person who is, was, or wishes to be a member of BAHKC.  A member can also write to the BAHKC to suspend his/her membership.  NO REFUNDS will be issued for anyone whose membership is suspended or terminated.


Please apply on our Online Registration System (ORS).  ORS records all your participation in the Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China. The same email address is allowed to register once, please use a different email address for each individual.

Enrollment/Registration/Order online must be completed by paying online. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PPS and AlipayHK.

The information contained herein is stated as of the last updated date and subject to change after that date.


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