1 Minute Baseball Series (Cantonese)
EP1:Type of Baseball
EP2: Gears for Baseball Player; EP3: Gears for Batter
EP4: Baseball SIX; EP5: Baseball5
EP6: Baseball Jargon-Offensive Team; EP7: Baseball Jargon-Defensive Team
EP8: Gears for Umpire; EP9: Umpire Signs & Signals
EP10-11: Scorer
EP12: Gears for Catcher
EP13: Baseball Positions; EP14: Abbreviations and Numbers for Baseball Field Positions
EP15-16: Pitcher
2020. 1. 5 | Let Jose Au, Chairperson of Hong Kong PONY Baseball, Director of Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA), tells us how Hong Kong Baseball Association develops PONY Baseball with the programme of Youth League