Misrepresentation and Fraud

Being instructed and reminded by the World Baseball Softball Confederation ("WBSC", formerly known as International Baseball Federation "IBAF"), where a team is not the National Team acting under the authority of the National Federation ("NF) and respective National Olympic Committee -- and/or where a competition has not been duly sanctioned by the IBAF -- the uniform colours and style of such team competing in an international tournament must not be the same as or similar to any National Team uniforms of that National Federation. The National Flag of the country of that National Federation must not appear on the uniform, and the name of the country of that National Federation cannot and must not appear on the uniform.

Falsely advertised National Teams, which hurt and violate the rights of the concerned NFs, WBSC, etc., will find themselves subject to disciplinary and potential legal action, there will be a zero-tolerance policy for such infractions, particularly for commercial events that are televised.

Please be reminded that any club teams or individual teams that have received no written confirmation from the Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China are not National Teams, must follow the rules as stated above.

Any participating teams in our local events are required to follow the above rules.  Please seek endorsement with the respective national baseball federation which registered with WBSC.

Definitions of "Club Team”

Any individual team not formed to represent a National Team (e.g. youth organisation team, high school team, professional team, etc.) that typically participates in local/domestic or overseas competitions or leagues and may have players from different countries of origin.

Last updated: October 2015