2019-20 Hong Kong Baseball Open League Registration

Given the past few years’ local league development, the number of teams keeps going up; however, the supply of venues did not meet the rapid growth. In addition to Men’s League, Women’s League, and Kenko League, the Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) also organizes Schools League, Youth League, Coach Pitch League, and other competitions. Over 160 teams with nearly 300 games in a year. Some of the leagues were forced to finish the season in 11-12 months but only played 3-4 games in the season, the finishing date always beyond our reporting deadline to the funding body.

After further discussion, we have to adjust the number of teams and lower the number of games in 2019-20 to ensure the season finish by the end of March 2019. Firstly, no grading in the same division, i.e., only three divisions, including Men’s League, Women’s League, and Kenko League but no Grade A, B or C. Secondly, no players are allowed to register more than one division in the same season. Thirdly, single-elimination (knockout) will apply in the season of 2019-20.

Please see the
Hong Kong Baseball Open League 2019-2020 Event Information and Rules & Regulations for details.

Team Registration
* Registration Date: 7 December 2019 to 13 December 2019
* Registration Fee: HK$2,500 per team for 2019-20 Hong Kong Open League that to be held from January 2020 to March 2020.
* Manager’s Meeting Deposit: HK$500
* Team Deposit: HK$1,000
* Team Quota: Men’s League 44 teams, Women’s League 12 teams, Kenko League 16 teams.

Teams registered successfully in the season of 2019-2020 will enjoy the priority to enroll in the season of 2020-2021.

No team registrations will be accepted before or after the registration date.

Player registration
* Preliminary Registration Period: 13 December 2019 to 20 December 2019
* Minimum 12 players registered on the roster by 20 December 2019.
* Registration Fee: HK$200 (for the season of 2019-2020 and the season of 2020-2021)
* Registration of additional players is allowed during the season.

Date of Manager’s Meeting
: 27 December 2019

Season Start Date: 5 January 2020

Link to Team Registration & Player Registration

Enquiry: 2504 8330 Andy Lo

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