2018-2020 Board of Directors Election Result
In the 2018 Annual General Meeting and 2018-2020 Board of Directors (BOD) Election that was held on 26 October 2018, 7:30 p.m. in Olympic House, Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) has elected 15 candidates out of 25 to appoint as HKBA 2018-2020 Board of Directors.  Listing names in alphabetical order as below.  The Board shall elect among themselves the office-bearers including President, Chairman, Vice-chairmen, Secretary General, Treasurer and other functional officers of the Association within ten days after the election.  Further notice will be given later.

  Name in English Name in Chinese
1 Mr. AU Hok Leung 區學良先生
2 Mr. AU Wing Leung 區穎良先生
3 Mr. CHAN Sze Leung 陳仕良先生
4 Mr. CHAN Tsz Yeung 陳子揚先生
5 Mr. CHEUNG On Kiu 張安橋先生
6 Mr. FAN Chun Wah Andrew, JP 范駿華太平紳士
7 Mr. HO Dave 何廸夫先生
8 Dr. LAM Ho Yi 林顥伊博士
9 Mr. LEUNG Ka Ho Sam 梁家豪先生
10 Mr. LEUNG Tak Kwong 梁得光圥生
11 Mr. LI Wing Kuen Philip 李永權先生
12 Mr. LUI Chun Pong 呂振邦先生
13 Mr. NG Kwong Yuen 吳光遠先生
14 Mr. PUN Wo Sau 潘禾脩先生
15  Mr. WONG Ki Jonathan 黃期先生

After finishing the 2018 Annual General Meeting in the evening on 26 October 2018, the following former directors have ceased to hold office in the Association.  For any business, please contact HKBA Secretariat at 2504 8330 or email to hkbsa@hkolympic.org.

  Name in English Name in Chinese Ceased to be a director and his/her office
1 Ms. AU Kit Yi Kitty 區潔儀小姐 停任董事及免去女子精英組總監職務
2 Mr. FANG Ka Wor 范家和先生 停任董事及免去財務監督職務
3 Mr. LAI Wai Tat Pazu 黎偉達先生 停任董事及免去教練培訓總監職務
4 Mr. MAK Nin Fung Allan 麥年豐先生 停任董事及免去祕書長職務
5 Mr. TSE Kam Man Edward 謝金文先生 停任董事及免去學校推廣組總監職務
6 Mr. WU Suet Kong 胡雪岡先生 停任董事及免去公開組賽事總監職務
7   Dr. YIP Wai Kwong Felix 葉偉光博士 停任董事及免去主席職務

Appreciate the support and guidance from the BOD members during their servicing period, contributed voluntarily to the baseball development in Hong Kong. Look forward to another exciting and fulfilled years under the leadership of new BOD. 

Hong Kong Baseball Association
26 October 2018