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WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar
The Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) will host WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar on Friday, 8 June 2018 for HKBA registered coaches and any interested parties. Check out this scheduling.

Baseball5  is a new five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of Baseball/Softball that can be played anywhere. This faster urban discipline will help drive baseball and softball to new places not possible before.” Riccardo Fraccari, WBSC President

Officiated by: Miss Francesca Altomonte, WBSC BB5 Instructor

Registration fees: HK$100 per head per session

Registration deadline: 7 June 2018

Enrol online:

- For HKBA registered coaches and instructors, please login your user account on HKBA Online Registration System > Application > Courses > Official Course > WBSC Baseball5 Seminar >  
  -- WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar for Coaches - Session 1A (15:00-17:00@HHSC)
  -- WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar for Coaches - Session 1B (19:30-19:30@CCPASS)

- For other interested parties, please enrol on HKBA eShop, 
  -- WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar for Trainers - Session 2A (15:00-17:00@HHSC)
  -- WBSC Baseball5™ Seminar for Trainers - Session 2B (19:30-19:30@CCPASS)

Hong Kong Baseball Association
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Email: hkbsa@hkolympic.org