CPBL Chief Umpire and Crew Share Vast Knowledge and Experience in Asia Umpire Clinic

The three-day Asia Umpire Clinic has recently concluded in Hong Kong’s Sai Tso Wan Baseball Field. The clinic was organized by the Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) with the unyielding support of the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL), attracting more than thirty local and overseas umpires for the occasion.  (Gallery)

Mr. Chou Jun-Seng, Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Umpire of the CPBL, returned to the Asia Umpire Clinic with six fellow umpire instructors and translators from the CPBL, ensuring the participating students a high-quality learning experience. "I am glad to be back for the Asia Umpire Clinic and from what I have seen so far, the standard of the students have greatly improved and that is very encouraging,” said the CPBL umpiring veteran. “Through this clinic, I hope we can share our experience with the students, passing on to them some of the CPBL umpiring spirit and of course, some tips and knowledge on umpiring.”

Wong Yanjia, who hails from Guangzhou, returns to the clinic for the second time and is a firm supporter of the course. “I have attended different umpiring courses and I think the organization and structure of the Asia Umpire Clinic is second to none,” Wong pointed out. “The first two days were more detail-oriented while the remaining part of the course allowed us to get on the field to demonstrate what you have learnt over the past few days.”

Another returning umpire to the Asia Umpire Clinic, Matthew Lee also endorses his experience in the three-day clinic. “While the instructors might be passing on new knowledge to us, every now and then, they would also remind us on some of the fundamentals of umpiring, which I believe is a great thing,” said the Singaporean umpire. “What I have gained the most from the past three days is my positioning on the field. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions that allow me to utilize my newly acquired knowledge in game-like situations.”

Text and Images: Graeme Chan

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