Announcement: Election Results and New Board of Directors 2014-2016

The Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Baseball Association Limited took place on Friday, 17 October 2014 at the Olympic House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. During the meeting, The meeting concluded with the announcement of the Board of Directors 2014-2016 election results. The following persons were elected to the 15 vacant posts:

AU Hok Leung, AU Kit Yi Kitty, AU Wing Leung, CHENG So Man, CHEUK Woon Yee Sinney, CHEUNG On Kiu, FANG Ka Wor, LEUNG Kwok Yip, LEUNG Tak Kwong, LI Wing Kuen Philip, MAK Nin Fung, MIYOSHI Masanori, WONG Ki Jonathan, YEUNG Kit Ling, YIP Wai Kwong Felix.

The Board of Directors 2012-2014 keeps taking up its function until the new Board Management and Functional Committee to be established in its mutual-election meeting on Saturday, 25 October 2014.

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