5-Day Coaching Program Warmly Received by the Hong Kong Baseball Coaches
Hong Kong Baseball Association recently organized a Level 1 (Elementary) Baseball Coach Certification Program with the International Baseball Federation. The 5-day course covered classroom theory as well as on-field practices, attracting more than thirty aspiring baseball coaches to sign up for the event. (Gallery)

This program is designed for people who are currently coaching baseball teams in the community, or have an interest in baseball coaching, to develop their knowledge with basic sports theory, team management skills, local rules and guidelines.

Lecturer for the program is baseball veteran Peter Caliendo, who has extensive baseball experience around the globe. Caliendo explained the thought process of having such coaching program. “This is a Level 1 course and we are here to identify potential coaches and give them a starting point on the path of coaching,” revealed the IBAF Technical Commissioner. “As we all know, better education leads to better coaching and that further leads to better players. The turnout has been great and it is nice to see thirty-plus students attending the course.”

“We have been focusing on the fundamental skills over the past few days such as catching and throwing, fielding, hitting and eventually hitting,” Caliendo continued. “I understand the teams here in Hong Kong usually gets five to six practice sessions, two hours each time, before the season starts. Hence, we talked about how to make the best of these two-hour sessions, what skills to practice and how to execute those drills. Given the make-up of the league and the team, we really want to keep it simple and let these aspiring coaches have an ideal on what they want to teach to their players.”

The visiting lecturer also offered his view on the coaching development in Hong Kong baseball. “It is important to set up a solid baseball foundation with proper courses while having qualified people to oversee them,” the baseball veteran offered. “It is important to identify the different levels of these young coaches, as they might vary in their knowledge and skills of the game. Once you have a solid foundation, then you can start to educate your coaches properly. This is the approach taken by some of the well-developed baseball countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. I think it is something that Hong Kong can take a chapter from.”

Filed by Graeme Chan