Scoring Clinic a Great Launching Pad for Aspiring Official Scorers
The International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and the Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) recently co-hosted a Scoring Clinic in Hong Kong on 31 May~2 June 2014 . The three-day clinic was well-attended by Official Scorers from countries such as Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Anna Maria Paini, Scoring Director of IBAF, was in town for the Scoring Clinic and the Italian spoke about the reasoning behind organizing such a clinic in Hong Kong. “We currently have approximately 15 Official Scorers in our system and therefore we want to develop more Official Scorers in order to prepare for future IBAF events,” the veteran scoring official explained. “If we see someone who has potential or is interested in getting involved, we will look into inviting him/her to future IBAF events and learn from the other Official Scorers in the IBAF ranks.”

Paini noted that while the Official Scorer might have a less glamorous task than players, managers or coaches, yet she believes the position is no less important. “In a lot of countries, baseball is still trying to become one of the main sports. Therefore people will first try to focus on finding enough players to play the game, which is totally understandable,” the IBAF official said. “But baseball is a game of numbers and you need qualified Scorers to reflect what took place on the field. Credible numbers will enable managers and coaches to identify which of their players are performing better, and subsequently put out a more competitive team on the baseball field.”

Connie Stoyakovich, an Official Scorer in the Australian Baseball League (ABL), flew into town for the Scoring Clinic from Down Under. “I see this as an opportunity to get to know the IBAF Scoring system for international matches as I want to stretch my ability to the international level,” the US-born Stoyakovich said. “I want to challenge myself and that is why I came all the way to Hong Kong to attend the Scoring Clinic.”

Tiger Cheung, a local Umpire and Scorer, also took part in the information-rich Scoring Clinic. “There are lots of different Scorers inside that classroom who are at different levels and from different backgrounds,” Cheung pointed out. “However, so much information was provided during the course that I think all of the participants are bound to go away with a lot of new knowledge and information.”

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Filed by Graeme Chan