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The Game Model

In view of the fast growing situation of Hong Kong's baseball community, the BAHKC will form a committee, namely, the Pony Game Committee (“PGC”) incorporated into HKBA's existing organizational structure for the administering of Pony league games in Hong Kong. The below game model with liberal features is proposed and being planned to launch by the second quarter of 2007.

The Structure

Status and Roles

(i) PONY Headquarters
Pony Baseball Headquarters invite BAHKC to relay information to Pony district leagues (“DL”) in Hong Kong for the renewal of membership and registrations of interest in entering Pony's zone competitions or the like.

(ii) HKBA
HKBA passes down the information to PGC.

(iii) PGC
PGC which plays a role of field Director in the PONY Baseball regime, circulates promptly the Pony information to the existing and invites other districts which have no Pony league in place yet to form their own Pony district leagues and start playing the Pony games for the year. Then, PGC collects all registrations and confirmations of district leagues and help register their membership and interest in participation in tournaments with Pony Baseball Headquarters. Such centralization of administration can help PGC know promptly how many district leagues in Hong Kong playing Pony games and help monitor the progress of their games.

(iv) Hong Kong Pony Leagues
Each district league should have a minimum of four teams in its league game. In case a district has three teams or less, but wants to play Pony games, it may join in other district league subject to acceptance or mix it with other teams to meet the minimum number of teams for a league.

(v) Selection of Hong Kong Team
After the Pony district leagues finish playing within the timeline set by PGC. Then, the champion teams from the respective districts enter the selection tournament organized by PGC to compete for the representation of Hong Kong to the Pony zone tournament. The champion team of the selection tournament is given the right to represent Hong Kong to participate in Pony's zone tournament, i.e. the Pony Asia Pacific Tournament. In case the champion team gives up its right of participation, then the first-runner up comes out to take over the right, but if the first runner-up team also gives up the right, then such passing down arrangement will be exercised until a team is selected to represent Hong Kong.

(vi) Financial Matters
In respect of financial matters, the spirit is “user-pay”, therefore all expenses regarding playing all types of Pony games and the Hong Kong team's participation in Pony's zone or international tournaments will be borne by the teams themselves.


Subject to Pony Headquarters' endorsement to the above game model, the BAHKC through its PGC will start running the Pony games in Hong Kong in 2007. The BAHKC in its capacity of the national sports association of baseball in Hong Kong will take care of the official communications with Pony Headquarters with respects of Pony's official meetings, official regional or international Pony games, and change or alteration of Pony's rules and regulations.

The Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China

January 18, 2007