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Hello Baseball Fans! Welcome to our Hong Kong Baseball Fans Club Page. Here you will find our calendar listing all the events in the coming year, arousing your enthusiasm for the development of baseball in Hong Kong.

The long-awaited mascot is finally published! It is an adorable Eurasian Tree Sparrow, also known as Passer montanus, is widespread in the towns and cities of eastern Asia.

Birds are famed more for their good visual acuity, in small perching birds like sparrows in the wild, vision is considerably faster than in any other vertebrates and more than twice as fast as humans. It is implying our baseball players' vision is much like tree sparrow aiming for clear, precise and executable goals.

As the old saying goes, the sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there. It is indicating the condition of Hong Kong, a tiny place with all-inclusive training facilities. There are different training equipment and fields located in 18 districts. With the instructional coaching plans given by professional and qualified coaches, a suitable training pattern can be provided to the athletes, which drives a desirable outcome. Moreover, we had been making great efforts in nurturing elite athletes, promoting sports for all social classes, and strengthening sports infrastructure and community facilities so as to promote and expand the development of baseball in Hong Kong. Our athletes will take on the world to win glory for Hong Kong.

There will be lots of exclusive activities for members. Apart from grouping with other fans to watch the games, members can also enjoy the preferential discount offers as well.
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