Baseball5™/ Baseball SIX Training Scheme
Baseball5™/ Baseball SIX Training Scheme
 “Baseball5™/ Baseball SIX Training Scheme”, an innovative game with 6 players to play in a smaller area with safety equipment, in order to speed up the game and make the game more exciting and enjoyable to everyone.

►HKBA will provide all required equipment
►Baseball glove (optional)

Training Programme/Scheme Course Details
 2020/10 2020 - 2021
Baseball5™/ Baseball SIX Training Scheme

Due to COVID-19, the training scheme is postponed to begin from November 2020. Elementary course will be held in 2020-2021 ONLY, Intermediate course will be cancelled.

Enrollment will begin on 19 October 2020 10am with the following group:

Children (7-13 years old)

Youth & Adult (13-64 years old)

* Payment must be completed online through PPS by Internet.
Please note that PPS does not support mobile payment at the moment
so your applicant can only use PC to process payment


Online Enrollment