Baseball Six Competition - Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR
 "Making a Difference, Make it Happen' - “Baseball Six”, an innovative game with 6 players to play in a smaller area with safety equipment, to make the game fast and excited, let anyone enjoy and appreciate baseball. Enroll now.

►HKBA will provide all required equipment
►Baseball glove (optional)
►On-site coaching will be available to guide the teams how to play
►An arranged tour will be offered to top four teams’ supporter to watch the game. One way to Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground.

Introduction of Baseball Six

Download Programme Details (Last updated: 31/12/2017)
    The schedule of university group has been postponed to 24 Feb 2018, please see the programme details.

Link to submit Team Roster Online - League Portal (The responsible staff will email the login to the registered team contact person)
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Game Schedule (Last updated: 30/11/2017)
    The schedule of Top Four Final will be postponed to 4 March 2018, please see the programme details. (Last updated: 31/12/2017)

Rules & Regulations (Last updated: 8/8/2017)