Guidelines for Baseball Activities

To tie in with the response to the government's Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation, after communicating with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Baseball National Teams will conduct physical training at other available facilities to keep athletes’ fitness level. If any players worry about the COVID-19 epidemic and not able to attend the training, we will respect their decision and provide accommodation.
All participants including coaches, athletes and officials are required to follow the guidelines as below:

1. To check body temperature when you arrive at the venue, if your temperature is over 37.5 C, please take a rest in an isolated area; measure your temperature again after 10 minutes. If the temperature stays high, should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Coach/official should record the temperature of everyone on the attendance sheet and send it to our officer on the same day for the record;
2. Each sub-group including coach no more than two persons;
3. The distance between each sub-group at least 1.5 metres;
4. All participants including coaches and athletes should wear a mask all the time during the training;
5. If feeling unwell during the activities, please inform the coach.

For any questions, please contact our officer at 2504 8330 during office hours or email us at .

Last updated: 7 December 2020

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