Corporate Governance
Striving for Good Corporate Governance"

Aim to keep a good practise between the representatives of National Sports Associations on ways to prevent corruption in conducting the business as organisers and administrators of sports activities. The Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA) set up its own policy and guidelines according to the guidelines from Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for its administrators' to follow.

Updated Cat Document Sources
2015 Jun Adm Guide to Corporate Governance for Subvented Organisations (2nd edition) Efficiency Unit
2015 Jun Adm Guide to Corporate Governance for Subvented Organisations - Executive Summary Efficiency Unit
2019 Apr Adm Accounting Procedures HKBA
2015 Jan Coach Coaches Code of Conduct (Chinese only) HKBA
2018 Dec Adm Articles of Association (“AA”) HKBA
2018 Apr HKT Sports Development Chart HKBA
2014 Sept Adm A Guide on Directors' Duties Companies Registry
2018 Nov HKT Hong Kong Team Player Selection and Appeal Mechanism HKBA
2016 Oct HKT Hong Kong Baseball National Team Disciplinary Regulations HKBA
2010 Nov Adm Code of Conduct for Officials and Staff for Organizations
- Code of Practice for Directors
2010 Nov Adm Governance of National Sports Associations ICAC
2014 Oct Adm Declaration of Conflict of Interest by Board Members and Appointed Officials HKBA
2020 Jan Adm Procurement Guidelines & Procedures HKBA
2016 Apr Umpire Baseball Umpire’s Code of Ethics HKBA
2016 Apr Scorer Baseball Scorer’s Code of Conduct HKBA
2017 Dec ALL Policy and Guidelines on Prevention of Sexual Harassment
 Flowchart on Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints

Annual Reports

Last Updated Document
2014 Sept 2013-2014 Audited Financial Statement
2013 Jun 2012-2013 Independent Assurance Report
2013 Sept 2012-2013 Audited Financial Statement
2015 Oct 2014-2015 Independent Assurance Report
2015 Oct 2014-2015 Audited Financial Statement
2017 Jun 2015-2016 Independent Assurance Report
2016 Oct 2015-2016 Audited Financial Statement
2017 Sept 2016-2017 Independent Assurance Report
2017 Sept 2016-2017 Directors' Report & Audited Financial Statement
2018 Sept 2017-2018 Directors' Report & Audited Financial Statement
2019 Sept 2018-2019 Directors' Report & Audited Financial Statement

Notice of Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Election